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Rule No. 2 of 2013

Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University KRC :- Rule No. 2 of 2013

Organizational Structure and Hierarchy of Posts of the University 
[Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University Gazette Part One Thursday, the 28th February, 2013 ]

Whereas it is expedient the Rules in respect of smoothness in running the KRC activities for extending effective KRC services to the needy users, the Management Council is hereby pleased to make the following Rules.

1. These Rules may be called “Organizational Structure and Hierarchy of Posts of the University KRC”
2. These Rules shall come into force w.e.f. the date of its approval by the Management Council.

Organizational Structure and Hierarchy of Posts of the University KRC

Sections of the KRC

  1. Acquisition Section
  2. Processing Section
  3. Circulation Section
  4. Stack Section
  5. Periodicals Section
  6. Reference Section
  7. Computer Section
  8. Maintenance Section
  9. Administration Section

2.    Job Analysis of the University KRC

Section wise Jobs in the University KRC

1.    Acquisition Section

  1. Frame the policy of book/periodical (Print as well as non-print) acquisition including accepting donation and exchange materials.
  2. Maintenance of book selection tools.
  3. To receive the books from booksellers on approval and arranging book exhibitions.
  4. To obtain recommendations from users.
  5. To develop database of the recommendations received.
  6. Collect the donations in terms of documents.
  7. Checking of duplications.
  8. Selection of vendors for supply of reading materials.
  9. Decision about cash purchase, advance payments, etc.
  10. Sending of orders for supply of reading materials and preparation of order record.
  11. Sending reminders to the vendors about non receipt of reading materials.
  12. Bringing the parcels from transport office in certain cases.
  13. Checking of books with orders and also verify the price.
  14. Checking and passing of bills.
  15. Monitoring budget for departments.
  16. Prepare the list of new additions.
  17. Giving feedback to faculty members about arrival of information sources.
  18. Allotment of books for various sections of the KRC.
  19. Maintenance of statistics of the section/KRC.
  20. Send acknowledgement of donations.
  21. Maintenance of record of the section.
  22. Other work concerned with the section.

2.     Technical/Processing Section

  1. Classification of documents.
  2. Preparation of subject heading & identify key words.
  3. Maintenance of authority files for classification.
  4. Accessioning the documents.
  5. Processing of books with stamping, labeling and barcode etc.
  6. Preparation of book cards, due-date slips etc.
  7. Preparation of data entry sheet.
  8. Checking of data entry sheets.
  9. Entering of data in computers.
  10. Hand over the documents to concern sections.
  11. Display of jackets & exhibition of new arrivals.
  12. Maintenance of record of the section.
  13. Other work concerned with the section.

3.    Periodicals Section

  1. Obtaining recommendations for periodicals and obtaining periodicals on gratis.
  2. Correspondence for sending subscriptions and maintain payments records.
  3. Checking and passing of bills of subscriptions.
  4. Registration on issues received.
  5. To send reminders for non-receipt of periodicals.
  6. Getting the volumes bound.
  7. Checking and processing of bound volumes of periodicals.
  8. Development database of articles from periodicals.
  9. Shelving of current periodicals and back volumes.
  10. Providing help for locating particular article from periodical.
  11. Provide Current Awareness Services for periodicals issue.
  12. Maintenance of statistics/record of the section.
  13. Provide reading room service for periodicals.
  14. Provide Document Delivery Service.
  15. Provide news paper reading room service.
  16. Provide Photo copy service based on Periodicals.
  17. Provide other services related to the section.
  18. Other works concerned with the section.

4.    Circulation Section

  1. Registration of users.
  2. Issue of KRC membership cards /casual membership cards.
  3. Issue of books to users.
  4. Accepting the books returned by users.
  5. Filling the book cards of books issued and taking out book cards of returned Books.
  6. Transportation of books within the KRC to concern sections.
  7. Cancellation of membership.
  8. To send reminders for overdue books.
  9. Accepting the claims for books having demand.
  10. To certify overdue charges, fine etc and maintenance of receipts.
  11. Issue of No Dues Certificate/Attendant Certificate.
  12. Action of books reported lost.
  13. Minor repairs of books.
  14. Provide Inter KRC Loan Service.
  15. Maintaining statistics/record of the section.
  16. Other works concerned with the section.

5.    Reference Section

  1. To give orientation to newly registered users.
  2. To provide reference service for the queries received.
  3. To provide SDI i.e. Selective Dissemination of Information service.
  4. To prepare bibliographies.
  5. To organize Orientations, Seminars etc.
  6. To arrange exhibitions, extension activities, etc
  7. Provide reading room service for reference documents.
  8. Shelving of reference documents including theses.
  9. Provide Reprography service.
  10. Develop database of newspaper clippings.
  11. Maintenance of notice board/display boards.
  12. Maintenance of statistics/record of the section.
  13. Other works concerned with the section.

6.    Stack Section

  1. Maintenance of resources in the stack room.
  2. Maintenance of reading room of the section.
  3. Shelving of documents.
  4. Provide Personalized Services to the users
  5. Provide Photo copy service based on books.
  6. Maintenance of statistics/record of the section.
  7. Other works concerned with the section.

7.    Maintenance Section

  1. Selection of the binder
  2. To sort out books for binding.
  3. Registration of books sent for binding.
  4. Verification of books received after binding.
  5. Conduct stock verification.
  6. Maintenance of statistics/record of the section.
  7. Other works concerned with the section.

8.    Computer Section

  1. Selection of Hardware/Software.
  2. Purchase of Hardware and Software for the KRC.
  3. Providing infrastructure for automation.
  4. Installation of Hardware/Software.
  5. Provide In-service training for automation.
  6. Work relating to participation in network.
  7. Provide INTERNET and e-document services.
  8. Orientation to users for use of e-resource.
  9. To develop and maintain website & Portal for the KRC.
  10. Digitization of resources.
  11. Maintenance of Hardware & Software.
  12. Creation and maintenance of data bases of KRC collection.
  13. Maintenance of statistics/record of the section.
  14. Other works concerned with the section.

9.    Administration Section

  1. Maintenance of building/space of the KRC.
  2. Cleaning of Building.
  3. Acquisition and maintenance of Dead stock.
  4. Correspondence and other office work.
  5. Insurance of building and reading materials.
  6. Work related to KRC Committee.
  7. Preparation of annual report of the KRC.
  8. Passing of bills and maintenance of accounts.
  9. Preparation of annual & supplementary budget.
  10. Other works concerned with the section.

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