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Internet Service

1)    E-Mail & Internet services shall be provided for academic purposes only.

2)    These services shall be provided to the following on priority basis as under :
        i)    Member of the University Authorities.
        ii)   Teaching departments of the University.
        iii)   Administrative section of the University.
        iv)   Post graduate teaching departments of affiliated colleges.
        v)   Affiliated Colleges.
        vi)   Others.

3)    The minimum charges for internet services shall be Rs. 10/- upto 30 minutes & Rs. 20/- for an hour.
        i)    The Internet E-Mail Services shall be provided free of cost to the Faculty Members/Research Students of the P.G. Departments of the University for Official use/ Research / Educational purpose on written recommendation of concerned H.O.D./ Principal.
        ii)    For print out from online search from Internet & also from CD-ROM databases of the University Library Rs. 2/- per A-4 size page shall be charged.


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